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VoiceTG Broadband - Residential*TG Broadband - Business*Cable
$14.00$44.95 6mb X 1mb$49.95 6mb X 1mb$89.45 Cable's Best Dig
 $49.95 10mb X 1mb$59.95 10mb X 1mb$106.20 Cable's Best Dig Plus
 $54.95 15mb X 3mb$69.95 25mb X 5mb$134.50 Deluxe Dig
 $59.95 25mb X 5mb$99.95 50mb X 5mb$154.50 Total Cable
 $79.95 50mb X 5mb$129.95 75mb X 5mb$9.95 HD
 $89.95 75mb X 5mb$169.95 100mb X 5mb$9.95 DVR
 $124.95 100mb X 5mb$129.95 10mb X 10mb 
 $299.95 1gb X 50mb (FTTH)$199.99 20mb X 20mb 
  $699.99 1gb X 500mb (FTTH) 

*Broadband Price with landline Voice service

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