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Long Distance

Long Distance

Did You Know You Have A Neighbor In The Long Distance Business?

For 50 years, Thacker-Grigsby has been bringing neighbors together. Now we can bring you closer to those old friends who might not live so close anymore. Thacker-Grigsby offers you great rates and even greater service — the kind of special treatment you expect from a neighbor.

We have local representatives for you to talk with about Thacker-Grigsby long-distance service. There will be no hidden charges on your monthly statement. And perhaps most importantly, you will receive a single bill for local and long-distance services. We all need neighbors. So now you can count on your neighbor, Thacker-Grigsby, not only for great local service, but for great long-distance service too!

Direct Dial Service

  • $0.12 per minute – Anytime, anywhere

optional calling plan

  • $4.95 per month
  • $1.00 per additional line (not to exceed $9.95 per month per premise)
  • $0.10 per minute

other services available

  • Calling Card
  • 800 number
  • 800 number PIN